Facts To Consider When Choosing A Laser Printer

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Laser printers are not created equal and you need to consider all of the facts to make the right choice. They come with various features and capabilities, but it all boils down to how you want to use the printer. Here are the facts to consider when you select a laser printer.

- Purpose of Printer

The first thing to consider is how the printer will be used in the first place. You may not even need a laser printer depending on what you are trying to do. Laser printers are designed to print text documents quickly and they are not that good with high quality pictures. The best use for this type of printer is in a home office or business.

- Monochrome or Color

There are monochrome and color printers available. A lot of businesses use monochrome printers because they only use them for business documents, but many users at home will get color laser printers to print color documents. The thing to remember is that they can print in color, but the images will not be of the highest quality. Monochrome printers are cheaper and the ink is less expensive while the color printers tend to be more expensive as well as the ink.

- Resolution and Quality

Laser printers have different resolutions and levels of quality. As a general rule, the higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the document. Most of the monochrome printers will have a resolution of 1200 x 1200 and the color printers have a resolution of 2400 x 1200.

- Price

Printers are offered at varying prices from as little as $100 to over $1000 depending on the features. Most homes and small businesses will be able to use a printer in the $100-$200 range, but large organizations may need to purchase a higher end model because it will be used for industrial purposes.

- Print Memory

Print memory is what the printer uses to save the document and print it to paper. This is important because the print memory determines how fast the printer will be able to print documents. Most of the printers can have their memory upgraded, but they will usually come with anywhere from 64MB-128MB.

- Reviews

There are usually reviews of most of the printers on the market. You can look online and find reviews or ask around if you know anyone that owns the type of printer you want to buy. If you notice some patterns in the reviews about some negative issues, then you should probably take note.

- Warranty and Customer Service

Given that the printers are manufactured by a number of different companies, they will come with different warranties and customer service policies. It is best to purchase a printer that comes with at least a one year warranty that includes customer service and technical support via phone.

Choosing the right laser printer really depends on how you plan on using it. Most small businesses and homes can use a moderately priced printer with an average resolution and memory. Investigate the product thoroughly before you make your final decision.

The Benefits Of Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

In this day and age people are moving more and more to the internet for communications. However, there are still a large number of industries that rely on printing. This covers all manner of documents, from presentations to fliers and business cards to detailed reports that would strain the eye if read on a screen. As a result the amount of money we spend on printing as businesses and individuals can really mount up.

Thanks to the current economic climate, cost-cutting is a must for the vast majority of the population; and using remanufactured ink cartridges is a great place to start. Since remanufactured ink cartridges also come with the benefit of being good for the environment, the trend for switching to recycled is hard to argue with. Below we’ll take a look at all the plus sides of using remanufactured ink cartridges, which are just waiting to be discovered…


The main advantage people tend to think about where recycled ink cartridges are concerned is the reduced cost. The alternative is to buy cartridges from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), but this can be an expensive alternative. Indeed, according to some sources the price difference between recycled and OEM cartridges can be anything between 50% and a massive 70%.

Some people may quote the adage that ‘you get what you pay for’ with these things and that the extra money is justified. However, as you’ll see below, with recycled ink cartridges a lower price tag doesn’t necessarily mean inferior quality.


OEM cartridges that don’t go on to be recycled end up in landfills. Estimates assert that millions of used ink cartridges end up in landfills each year, and since they are not biodegradable they will still be around polluting the planet for years and years to come.
The answer is obvious. Recycling ink cartridges saves on waste, making it a responsible way to care for the planet. If all of us made this small change together it would help to make a big difference for generations to come.


The phenomenon of ink cartridge remanufacturing has produced a thriving industry tailored to the task. New enterprises in this sector are helping to create job opportunities, as well as make us reconsider our behaviors in the home and the workplace.
As long as the recycling industry is growing, our hopes for the future are bright. The tide is turning as far as our recycling practices are concerned and the recycling of ink cartridges is just the tip of the iceberg.


As mentioned above, some people may have concerns that using remanufactured ink cartridges could be detrimental to the quality of their printed materials. They need not worry. In the remanufacturing process every ink cartridge is thoroughly cleaned and filled with high quality ink, before the internal pressure is checked with high-precision accuracy. Each remanufactured cartridge is then tested for functionality and quality assurance.

It is only after this process has been thoroughly adhered to that the cartridge will be considered ‘remanufactured.’ So, when it comes to quality and value, this is one case of not ‘getting what you’ve paid for’ – but actually getting something much better.

Five Legal Documents Everyone Should Have

If you are an organized sort - you know the kind - who has all of his, or her, t's crossed and i's dotted then this advice probably won't apply to you. But, for the rest of us, a vast majority, I imagine, this checklist of "Five Legal Documents Everyone Should Have" may be a good reminder.

Will -- If you own any property, have any money in the bank, any life insurance, IRA, 401(k) etc. It is probably a good idea to have a will. It doesn't need to be fancy or long and drawn out but it does need to cover the basics of who you are, what your wishes are and an affidavit from witnesses that you knew what you were doing in preparing the will. As long as you follow guidelines for your state you probably don't even need a lawyer. Estate Planning Basics and Who Needs a Will can offer guidance.

Advance directive -- An advance directive, also often referred to as a medical directive is a legal document that provides instructions on how you would like to be cared for medically should you be unable to express your wishes to the doctor. The American Academy of Family Physicians, as well as other groups provide information on what should be included in an advance directive.

Power of attorney -- A power of attorney gives legal authorization to another person to act on your behalf. This can be used when you are unavailable to make legal decisions for a wide variety of reasons. Power of attorney can be given for a single transaction or can be granted for a broader length of time. The New York State Attorney General's Office offers a question and answer fact sheet on how power of attorney is applied in that state. You should check the laws in your state before making final decisions.

Birth certificate -- A certified copy of the record of your birth is a vital document for many things including obtaining driver's licenses, Social Security cards and passports. If you do not have an original copy, with a seal from the issuing government agency certifying its authenticity, you should obtain a copy and then keep it in a safe place. If you wait until you actually need it you might find that your application (for a passport, driver's license or whatever) is delayed. You usually can track down vital records, including birth certificates, by contacting the appropriate agency in the state where the event occurred.

Passport -- Especially in a time of heightened security a passport proving your national affiliation can be critical to you ability to travel between countries. You may not need the U.S. passport to get into another county but you probably will need it to get back into the United States. Passports can be obtained from the U.S. Passport Agency. Applications and information on obtaining a passport are available from the U.S. State Department. Links also are provided to locations, often post offices, near your hometown where you can apply.

The Vision Behind Empower Network

Every company has a vision, a mission, a path they wish to proceed down. It is this path that either sets them up for failure or success. And it is this path that entrepreneurs must look at prior to committing to the team or not. With Empower Network, their vision is quite a bit different from most other companies. But this difference is what sets the company apart from others.

The vision of Empower Network is fueled by sincerity and compassion. It is the joy that comes from helping someone brand new make their first $100 online. Everyone has to start somewhere and the creators of this fine company hope they can be the ones to kick-start as many online careers as possible.

It is no surprise then that they seek the little guys on the internet. It is the people who are just getting started that will truly flourish with Empower Network as it is a program that does everything they can to provide value to all members. The internet can be a rough and tough place, but there is hope to be had when jumping on this team.

Sadly, a lot of programs are simply seeking prospects to sign up. And as soon as they have signed you on, they move on to the next prospect. With this company, you will actually feel like a valued partner upon becoming a member. They want you to feel just as important as anyone else above.

The number one goal for any company or program has to be to build the business as much as possible while generating as many sells as possible. Everyone's mindset is the same; to keep the business profitable.

The difference with Empower Network and other programs is that you will never feel overwhelmed with training or distractions. This is a company that cares about you and your success. For this, they will constantly be there to help you grow personally and financially while making the overall community a better place to live.

The internet is flooded with millions of entrepreneurs all seeking the same thing; success. Rather than limit the amount of people who can profit from a tremendous opportunity, Empower Network welcomes as many as are willing to jump on the bandwagon.

They help hundreds of thousands of network marketers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs looking to make it big online. And it is this kind of guidance, assistance and care that has each and every member experiencing a true breakthrough online. You too can experience this permanent change that will ultimately alter your quality of life for the better.

Phone Answering Etiquette: Following Your Caller's Cues

If there's one skill every employee should know, it's proper telephone etiquette. Receptionists - and those working for small business answering services especially - speak with a wide range of people day in and day out, and how they respond to callers sets how the business is perceived. One simple way to make a great impression is to mimic their communication style.

Five questions to ask yourself when chatting with someone over the phone that will cue you to the right way to respond:

Do they sound serious? If your caller sounds a bit stern or has a serious issue, it's best to ramp up the professionalism. When you work for a small business answering service, your next call could be for an attorney who focuses her practice on probate, in which case many callers will be more on the somber end. On the other hand, you could answer a call for a less formal plumbing company. Either way, take your cue from each individual caller; if your caller is cracking jokes, chat and have fun with them!

Did they address themselves with a title? "Hi, this is Susan! Is Bob available?" Stick with how your caller addresses him or herself. In this case, your caller will probably be most comfortable with a reply like, "Let me check! May I place you on hold for a moment, Susan?" If they introduce themselves as "Mr. Smith," it's probably because he's most comfortable being addressed with a title.

If your caller offers their first and last name, their first name is still your best bet. They'll feel like you're old friends and they're being taken care of! Plus, it can be difficult to distinguish gender with a voice alone, and calling your male caller "Mrs. Jones" may create some ill will.

The only exception is if you work for a lawyer or a virtual receptionist service for attorneys, when a caller gives you a title that's a profession like "Judge Bruce Stevens," address them formally as "Judge Stevens" as a sign of respect. Same goes for doctors; as the villain in Austin Powers says, "It's Doctor Evil; I didn't spend six years in evil medical school to be called 'mister,' thank you very much."

Are they a fast-talker or slow-talker? Short, rushed sentences indicate your caller is in a hurry; giving long explanations or asking a lot of questions will likely make them frustrated. So, when a caller asks brief, to-the-point questions, keep your replies concise. Those who sound eager to chat or ask a lot of questions themselves will likely enjoy a little friendly banter. When asked a question about yourself, always thank your caller and reciprocate: "I'm doing very well; thank you for asking! How is your day going so far?"

What kind of mood are they in? You can tell by their overall tone of voice - you can just as easily hear a smile over the phone as discontent. If you sense an urgency in your caller's voice, use it as a cue to reassure your caller, and take care of business. "I certainly understand! Let me put you in touch with our support team, and we'll make sure this issue gets resolved right away." If they mention any news - good or bad - make sure to acknowledge it ("Congrats! That's wonderful!" or "I'm sorry to hear that. I'll do everything I can to help!").

So the next time you answer your phone, look to your caller for cues on the best way to respond! Your callers will be happier, and you'll become a better listener in the process!

6 Call Answering Tips The Best Virtual Receptionists Use

Do you work for a call answering service? It can be very rewarding - if you have the right techniques to help your callers. As a virtual receptionist, you get to talk to people from all walks of life, from all over the country. So how do the best small business answering service employees create connections, help callers feel heard, and make their days a bit brighter? These six tips will help you make the most out of every interaction:

1. Exude confidence. When you work for an answering service for small businesses across the nation, it might be difficult to know all the ins and outs of every unique company. Not to worry; the best virtual receptionists know that not even in-house receptionists will have all the answers. If you respond confidently, your callers will feel taken care of. And if you don't know the answer, try to get them to someone who does.

2. Never say, "I don't know." Along the same lines, try to avoid the phrase "I don't know." It doesn't add anything to the conversation and is a dead-end. The best virtual answering services will have instructions on how to route different types of calls (e.g., potential new clients go to Joe), so try using the phrases "Let me" and "I would be happy to." For example, "Great question! Let me see if Joe is available to speak with you about our services. May I tell him who's calling?"

3. Look for opportunities to offer assistance. In addition to offering alternatives when you don't know the answer, look for other chances to chime in! Offering a call to a client who uses your virtual receptionist service and sense a hesitation? Offer to take a message! Did your caller tell you while you're taking a message that they've been playing phone tag? Ask if there's a good time for them to receive a return call so that they can connect. Some surprise thoughtfulness will make their day a bit brighter and make your client's business look good.

4. Repeat/confirm information. Human error is a common fear for callers when leaving a message with a receptionist or answering service. Numbers can be transposed, key points misheard or missed entirely; on the flip side, the advantage of having a live person to take the message is that they can make sure their caller's message is relayed accurately. Confirm all contact information with a quick, "Just to confirm, your phone number is (503) 555-2185?...Wonderful!" For email addresses and mailing addresses be sure to keep a phonetic alphabet handy for similar-sounding letters ("B" and "D" are hard to differentiate over the phone, but a simple, "And is that a 'B' as in 'boy' or 'd' as in 'dog?'" takes out the guesswork!).

5. Enunciate. "Yeah" and "Naw" won't earn you points in professionalism, and it'll make you look inexperienced, or worse, indifferent. Go for the gold with the full "Yes," or even better, use expressive phrases like, "Absolutely," "Certainly," and "I would be happy to!"

6. Sound familiar. The best answering services know that formal titles like "Mr." and "Ms." can be off-putting to callers. Your callers may introduce themselves as "Mr. Smith" or, if you work for a virtual receptionist service for attorneys, "Judge Murray"; in that case it's probably best to refer to them as they refer to themselves. However, most of the time your callers will appreciate your familiarity by calling them by their first name often. It makes you sound like you're old friends and will put them at ease. If you're a virtual receptionist, that can make all the difference!

Keeping Corporate Minutes: Avoid Alter Ego Liability

Running a business is like navigating a minefield on a unicycle. To limit risk, entrepreneurs incorporate. There are other reasons to incorporate (e.g., documenting a structure with a partner), but covering the downside is the main reason for forming a corporation. Courts have acknowledged that the law "permits the incorporation of a business for the very purpose of enabling its proprietors to escape personal liability."

But not so fast - that protection can be lost if the entrepreneur fails to treat the corporation like it's a real corporation. That's right -- even if you incorporate, the liability protection might not be there when you need it. This is referred to as "alter ego liability" or "piercing the corporate veil". Magazine articles, radio ads, and seminars would have you think that "piercing the corporate veil" is some sort of mysterious event that takes everyone by surprise when it happens, but that's not the case at all. Nearly 50 years ago, the California Supreme Court in a case called Associated Vendors v. Oakland Meat created a test that paints a very clear picture of how to prevent alter ego liability.

The Associated Vendors "test" is a secret recipe for liability protection. It's a list of a couple of dozen factors. No one factor matters more than the others, but if taken as a whole it seems that the corporate form was not respected, the shareholder will be held liable. Some of the factors include whether the corporation was adequately capitalized, whether corporate assets were used by the shareholder for personal use, and whether there was commingling of corporate and personal funds.

In the day-to-day insanity of running a small business, it's frequently hard to avoid some of these factors. Who hasn't needed to pull some money out of their business bank account to fix a leaky roof or pay their kid's summer camp bill? The good news is that Courts don't require perfection. They just look at the facts and circumstances to determine whether on balance, it seems like the corporate form has been respected.

That's why it blows my mind when I see small corporations fail to nail the easy ones on the list. Remarkably, one of the most important factors is also incredibly easy for a small corporation to satisfy - keeping corporate minutes. Whether a corporation keeps corporate minutes is a factor that comes up in virtually every alter ego case. Even in the Associated Vendors case itself, the court refused to pierce the corporate veil even though the corporation was undercapitalized, because the corporation held "a number of meetings" and kept minutes.

In a case involving a lawsuit on a lease, a one-person corporation's inadequate capitalization was not sufficient to establish alter ego liability where the corporation conducted annual board meetings and "memorialized the meetings in the corporate minutes." Despite being the sole director, the individual even went so far as to call special sessions of the board to authorize important corporate decisions, such as the purchase of an office building, and those sessions "were also memorialized in the corporate minutes."

On the other hand, in virtually every case where the corporate veil was pierced, failing to keep minutes has been a common theme. In one case, the shareholders were personally liable for more than $4.5 million in damages. The Court noted that the shareholders "elected not to memorialize [even] the most significant events in the history of the" corporation in the minutes.

If you are sued as the "alter ego" of your corporation, you will have to produce a copy of your corporate minute book. One Court noted (rather obviously) that "it is simply not enough to have a minute book if no minutes are kept in that book," but far too many small corporations have a dusty, faux-leather corporate minute book without any minutes kept in the book. In one case involving a DJ, the shareholder was held liable for $77,000 where he could not produce a "single slip of paper" showing that he held formal meetings or kept corporate minutes. Being able to respond with copies of properly maintained minutes - a very simple task for a corporation that regularly holds meetings and keeps minutes - is the best way to prevent alter ego liability.

For nearly five decades, dozens of cases in every major jurisdiction have involved corporate minutes. Sure there are other reasons that the corporate veil is pierced, but the courts are plainly telling us that "memorializing meetings in corporate minutes" is one of the key ingredients of asset protection.

How To Help Save The Environment With The Help Of Used Recycling Equipment

Saving environment must not be considered another fashionable statement, it's very our responsibility to take care of the environment. You can get a great deal of from nature although what most of the people hand back to the environment is waste. However, it is rarely too late to begin with a good effort. Using recycling devices are one particular way of gratifying your work in direction of your environment. Although if you find that getting new tools are very expensive to afford, a good suggestion will be to purchase used recycling equipments for instance balers, compactors, conveyors and shredders and help make your valuable contribution towards recycling waste so something new plus beautiful may be generated out of it.

Here's a detailed description on how used recycling equipment for instance balers, compactors, conveyors plus shredders will let you save atmosphere.


Balers are found to be really valuable recycling devices when it comes to getting rid of off paper, plastic plus several other scraps. Right now, cardboard balers are also highly widely used as cardboard is amongst the key packaging materials used in shipping, manufacturing plants, retail business, hospitals, hotels plus distribution locations. Companies that get a lots of cardboard boxes are generally a lot more making use of cardboard balers to recycling old corrugated cardboard boxes in an eco-friendly way. Cardboard that's flattened and put in recycling balers helps businesses to utilize the precious room far more effectively. Furthermore, balers likewise help companies to increase funds for recyclables by rising their payloads. Companies can purchase horizontal, vertical or simply automatic tie-balers as per their necessity.


A compactor is found to get highly handy when it comes to minimizing the size of the waste products. Trash compactors are usually used to minimize the amount of non-recyclable waste by simply hospitals, hotels, retail plus many other service industries. With the assistance of trash compactors companies can save time and money. This is because junk compactors minimize the necessity of time and manpower required for pre-processing of waste products, saves on transportation costs, reduces pest infestation and as well guarantee right disposal of waste materials. Various types of trash compactors can be found for instance Roll Off Self-Contained Compactors for high-liquid content waste, Stationary Compactors for dry waste plus recycling applications, Pre-Crushers for large or simply bulky objects other than others to meet various industrial requirements.


Conveyor can be found to be price and time saving recycling equipment which enables to move goods from spot to another (horizontally or up and down) in a moving belt. By using conveyors, bulky plus big quantities of material can be moved effortless. These recycling equipments are highly popular in a number of industries for instance auto, aerospace, food processing, pharmaceutical and so on where they are used to move auto parts, bottles, nuts, pills as well as furnishings.


Shredders are used to process waste products into small pieces which might be simpler to dispose off. Shredders are used to shred waste materials like truck tires, mobiles, plastics etc. File plus paper shredders are found really effective to remove waste plus secret paper. Shredded waste is likewise better to recycle.

Take help of recycling equipment services

If you think the above mention recycle equipment might be beneficial for the business although you don't want to pay the cost of setting up new machines you can take help of recycling equipment providers in America. They're going to advice you on the most ideal tools for your requirement. You can take the equipment on rent or lease as well as purchase used recycle machines in case you so desire plus bring down your recycling charges.

Tips To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

Having a business opportunity is not enough when you want to become an entrepreneur. People who want to free themselves from the restraints of being an employee often put up their own businesses. Keep in mind that once you own your business, you would be working harder than an ordinary employee. This is something too many people do not realize at first. As long as you are not an early quitter, you will learn a lot along the way.

You have to be motivated.

It’s not like you can get into the hype. Just because pizza is hot in town doesn’t mean you, too, should have a pizzeria of your own. Question is: Do you really like to run a pizza house? Ask yourself what you really want to do. Most business owners succeed when they love what they put up. Your hobbies are often the first thing to look at. It’s stressful to run something you never wanted.

Consider other people’s opinion.

Collective minds work wonders. So, do not make decisions by yourself. Ask suggestions from friends and potential customers. When you come up with a new product, for instance, give samples to people and wait for their feedbacks. Talk to people about services they would have wanted to avail of. You can get a lot of ideas from even seemingly mundane conversations. So, keep your ears open.

Have the patience to wait.

Seldom do businesses take a huge leap shortly after their inception. Most would have to wait for years to gain profits. Entrepreneurship is not for people who want quick results. During the nascence of your business, you will basically spend much of your efforts and resources on development and various forms of marketing. The growth of a business is often accompanied by hit-and-miss decisions. It’s not always like sailing on smooth, calm waters on a cruise ship. You will not figure out the secrets right away. It takes years to understand the business.

Plan right.

You cannot run a business on impulsive decisions. Great planning increases your chances at success. The commercial world was not built yesterday, and the competition is tough. With the right planning, you can meet your goals, but expect the worst. Your plans could fail, and that’s why you need to set backup strategies.

Do not do everything.

Running your business all by yourself, without help from other people, is like suicide. You would tend to spread yourself too thinly. Your focus should be on product or service development and launching of projects. Ancillary tasks should be delegated to your assistants. Once your business starts growing, you will need more people. A businessman can start alone but usually ends up having a team or a company.

Pay attention.

Listen to consumer feedbacks. Do not feel bad about negative feedbacks. Treat them as your opportunity to improve your product or service. Also, pay attention to market trends, which can affect your business. Watch your competitors and find out what they are doing.

Seize the opportunity.

For would-be entrepreneurs and business owners, once an opportunity shows up, grab it. Opportunities will not wait for you. If you don’t grab the business opportunity, someone else will.

Basics Of Rabbit Production

Once the breeder has decided why they want to breed rabbits and chosen the best breed, the next concern is rabbit production. When obtaining does (females) it is best to obtain ones that have produced at least one successful litter. The breeder will get more consistent outcomes with experienced does. Breeding two does at the same time allows the breeder to foster the runts with one mother while keeping the strongest with the other mother. This exchange must be properly recorded. Another option is to remove the runts and humanely euthanize them. The breeder may decide to keep all members of all litters and let the chips fall where they may, but their overall quality of production may suffer.

The doe should always be placed in the buck’s (male) pen for breeding purposes. The territorial nature of rabbits can cause the doe to attack the buck. The buck should be allowed to breed with the doe more than once to ensure that it takes. After the breeding has been successfully performed, the doe should be removed from the buck and placed back in her pen. Leaving the doe in with the buck too long can cause injuries to the rabbits. Sometimes it is suggested to let the buck rest and put the doe back in one hour after the initial contact but that is based on the preference of the breeder.

The breeder should practice the art of palpation or feeling the abdomen of the doe to determine if she is pregnant or not. You can start as soon as 10-11 days, but by 14 days you should have no trouble determining if she is pregnant. Even though the doe’s food intake should increase during and shortly after the pregnancy, most breeders do not allow their rabbits to eat at will. Most commercial does should be limited to 5-6 oz. [140-168 grams] of food per day with supplements during pregnancy.

Approximately 20-28 days after the breeding a nesting box should be provided for the doe, with good ventilation and with enough room to keep her from crushing the litter but not large enough that she will stay and rest. The box should have shavings and hay adjusted according to the time of year and the amount of temperature regulation available.

When the kits arrive, it is important to check them. Bringing the doe a slice of apple or another treat to occupy her will help her accept you while you check for runts. If she cannibalizes her litter, she should not be rebred and her line should be stopped as that is a trait that runs in families. The kits can be weaned at approximately six weeks. The aim of monitoring your rabbit production is to get the best number of healthy kits while maintaining the health of the does and bucks.

Can My Small Business Afford Franking Machine Prices?

An Efficient Mailroom Can Help Grow Your Small Business

Enterprises often waste money on mail even though franking machine prices are low, and its computer interface can streamline a mailroom.

Every enterprise needs an efficient method to track costs: how much is spent, and where. Small, medium and large enterprises must all do this and most have franking machines.

Inefficiency wastes money, time and always means additional costs. Even medium and large enterprises often run inefficiently; this is an unnecessary drain on resources especially when renting a franking machine prices can be as low as £15 per month. And in addition, franked mail is 30% cheaper than stamped mail.

Let’s Talk About Performance

Franking machines are quieter and more efficient than ever. The technology is neater: they are no longer the hulking eyesores that people expect. They don’t take up as much space - for small businesses a franking machines can be a sleek desktop device.

The latest generation of franking machines are a wide range of models to suit any business. Franking machine prices have to reflect a business’s budget and are graded by the quantity of mail the business sends out per month.
A weighing platform makes sure you never pay more postage than you need to, which is one reason why a lot of stamped mail costs the sender more than it should. The weighing platform is controlled from the password protected control centre; here you allocate mail into pre-programmed accounts, eg: public relations department, and can review their account history over a 13 month period.
Franking supplies - ink toner and labels - are as inexpensive as franking machine prices, but you can reorder them using the control panel.

Small Businesses With Low Requirement
If you’re a small business with a low budget and requirements you can find franking machine prices as low as £5 per week. Often these include a free trial. NeoPost offer trials of their award-winning Autostamp 2, for example.

Small Businesses With Medium Requirement
Small businesses sometimes send more mail than larger companies - it depends on the nature of their work.
For medium requirements, the U40 is not a bad option at all. It uses digital inkjet technology so can frank a clean logo onto your mail, which is useful for marketing purposes. And if your requirements increase you can attach extra parts – many franking machines are scalable, and come with scalable franking machine prices too.

A Guide To How Small Businesses Can Reduces Energy Costs

For small businesses it is important to minimise energy consumption as this will reduce monthly bills and therefore increase profit margins. There are many ways a small business can achieve this goal relatively cost and hassle free.

In many cases, energy bills which are higher than expected can generally be attributed to carelessness or forgetfulness. Once of the simplest ways in which a small business can reduce energy consumption is to make sure all employees are vigilant in saving power. Holding regular meetings or implementing office policies for energy conservation can impact the monthly outgoings significantly. This can be as simple as making sure all employees turn lights off once they are finished in that room, or making sure desktop computers are shut down overnight and monitors switched off whilst employees are away from the desk. Keeping blinds or curtains open during sunny days can also help as this will reduce the duration that lights are required to be switched on.

There are a number of solutions such as replacing existing equipment or altering office space which can be implemented in the office to reduce energy consumption. For example, switching all light bulbs in the office to either LED lighting or energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps can dramatically reduce energy usage. In addition, skylights can be integrated into the office to make use of natural lighting allowing lights to remain switched off during most office hours, especially in the summer.

If there is room in the budget to enact minor office alterations, there are many ways to make sure energy costs are kept to a minimum. This can be as simple as having a programmable thermostat installed or slightly more complex methods such as installation of motion detectors which deactivates lighting when no one is in the room. To further reduce utility costs, installation of an energy efficient water heater or water efficient appliances can make a significant contribution.

In an office environment, it is inevitable that equipment will become faulty or break creating the requirement for replacements. At this time, energy costs can be cut by replacing the old equipment with energy efficient appliances which are specifically designed to reduce energy consumption. If a desktop computer needs to be replaced, it may be worthwhile considering replacing it with a laptop as these consume far less energy.

Using the above methods, energy costs for small businesses can be significantly reduced. Additionally, many utility companies offer an energy evaluation service, which is usually free or remarkably low cost and provides expert analysis of energy requirements and practical solutions to reduce costs for small businesses.

How The Right Approach Can Bring Expansion To A Small Business

It is generally not the goal of business owners to remain with a small company with little growth. Instead, these entrepreneurs have a goal in mind to expand and potentially take their business to the national or even global level. When the person running their small business thinks it may be time for some growth, the initial step that needs to be taken is for the owner to lay out a plan of action. This plan of action will account for various factors on how the company will undergo this expansion.

In most cases, having a team that works together is the best solution. Members of this group can sit down and go through the specific areas within the organization that can be enhanced. One example is that a company might want to move to a different place, so the team would map out how this move would occur and potential places. This process can be quite extensive and time-consuming due to the amount of footwork that needs to be done along with the physical move to a new building that comes after everything is squared away.

Convenience and ease of access are imperative if a business should decide to move to a new office, This is particularly important if a company deals directly with the public through either clients or customers. However, a major factor to consider is how many other similar businesses are already housed in a certain area. Unless small companies don't want to succeed, they should move to places where there is a market for their products or services and not a place where the market is already saturated.

This same principle applies if the business wishes to expand into more than one location, creating the need for a headquarters. When a business is looking to open a second location, they should always research into where the need is and go there. Knowledgeable individuals should do research into possible locations, visiting these areas to make sure they are what is expected and desired.

While a location is being searched for, the budget for the move or the expansion must be developed. It is imperative that everything be considered, such as supplies for the new location, employees, insurance and management staff.

The reason it is so important to have multiple people involved in this kind of project is that everyone has a different perspective and can bring something a little different to the table for an important decision like this. Executives may select certain employees within a company to be part of this group based on numerous factors. Each specific part of a company's expansion should be assigned to different individuals to make the process run smoothly. A group effort makes all the difference due to the fact that it splits up the responsibilities among a group and they all don't fall on an individual.

Reducing Clutter Will Help Decrease The Waste In Your Business

When is the last time you were trying to find something on your desk? Did you find it quickly, or did you have to dig through stacks of papers and sift through countless pieces of miscellaneous debris? What about the last time you were looking for a tool in your tool box, did you encounter the same problems or was everything laid out before you neat and easy to find?

Now imagine trying to do some actual work with that toolbox, and not being able to find what you need. Everybody knows how it feels to be looking for something that they need, whether it's a tool or some paperwork and not being able to find it. It is a matter of being organized. What if the business that you worked for was as unorganized as your toolbox hidden away in your garage?

How much money would be wasted and how much time would be wasted while everybody walked around searching for the right tool to get the job done or that important piece of paperwork that found it necessary to be faxed? How would that look to an outsider? How would it look to investors? How would you feel about it when they couldn't find a stamp or envelope to mail out your paycheck? Of course that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but it can't be too far off.

A business cannot afford to be that disorganized and especially in these tough economic times, nobody can. There isn't as much room for error anymore and there certainly isn't any room for wasting money these days. Individuals are not able to afford to be wasteful with their personal earnings and neither can a company be careless with their earnings, otherwise they will have to pay the price with their stockholders and investors.

What individuals have been doing the last few years in their personal lives is becoming more efficient. They are buying products that allow them to use less energy and waste less fuel, maybe at home and maybe with their vehicles. The bottom line is that men and women are learning to do the same amount of work and get the same things accomplished for their families with less than they used to, and it's time for companies to do the same. They need to become more efficient and learn to get things done with less. That doesn't mean less than they need, but with less waste.

Corporate Liability Protection: Limitations To Incorporating

As magical or complicated as it may seem, incorporating is essentially a form of protection for the owners of a corporation from the everyday operations of a business. Knowing how incorporating can help protect the owners of a business is very important. There are certain situations where directors and officers of a corporation are held personally liable for corporate activities. The following points will cover and explain the limits of corporate liability protection.

1. One very important component to keep in mind is that corporations cannot protect you from your own wrong doing. Whether the corporate officer participates in or authorizes a wrong, they are liable even if the corporation is also at fault. That being said, corporate officers and/or directors are not responsible for corporate activities that they did not participate in.


-Frances T. v. Village Green Owners Association: Ordered a resident of a property to detach exterior lighting that was installed to protect the resident from further criminal activity after a rape that occurred in the unit.

-PMC, Inc. v. Kadisha: Stole trade secrets from a former employer.

-Michaelis v. Benavides: President and majority shareholder of cement subcontractor responsible for substandard construction after being in charge and making all decisions focused around that job.

2. Never ever fail to remit federal withholding taxes to the IRS. Withholding income taxes and FICA taxes from employee salaries and hold them in trust for the government is a requirement for employers. So, even if the bills are piling up, do NOT use those trust funds to pay off your expenses because the responsible financial officer of a corporation can be responsible for withholding taxes, according to Federal statutes. The "responsible officer" of finances is the person who is in charge of the corporation's financial affairs, such as having control over decision making over the corporation's tax matters. They are responsible for failing to pay withholding taxes and will be penalized for not paying the required federal taxes.

3. In California, an officer, major stockholder, or someone who is in control of a corporation's affairs and deliberately fails to pay the required contributions to the State Unemployment Fund could be personally responsible for paying those contributions plus penalties and interest that have accumulated. The main point is that the state and federal taxes that are withheld from employee's salaries are not to be used to pay other bills and expenses.

4. You will not be protected if you damage the environment. According to CERLA (the environmental "superfund") corporate officers who are in charge of the disposal of hazardous wastes can be held liable as "owners and operators" of any corporate facility. Under CERLA, those directors and officers that actively participate in management or operation of a company can be held responsible without piercing the corporate veil.


-US v. Carolina Transformer: The corporate officers were responsible for $1 million and punitive damages due to failure to comply with EPA order to clean up fluids that leaked into the soil.

5. The officers of a corporate are responsible for wage claims in many states. In California, there is some controversy surrounding this (see, Bradstreet v. Wong), for the most part Cal. Lab Code Sec. 558 (a) discusses that the employer, or person acting on behalf of that role, is responsible for unpaid wages. New York's take on this rule can be viewed in "Why in the World Would Anyone Incorporate in New York."

An important component of running a business is to use a corporation to limit the accountability of a business owner. Even though corporate directors and officers don't have to experience personal responsibility for wrongdoings of a corporation, they will be held liable if they partake in or authorize those wrongdoings. Furthermore, corporate officers should note that statutes have been passed that limit personal protection in regards to taxes, damage to the environment, and certain wage claims.

It Makes Sense To Make Your Business Greener

Business owners who want to do their part to help protect the environment have a wide range of options available to them. As an added bonus, many of these strategies can help to reduce the costs of running a business by cutting down on energy consumption and reducing electricity or heating bills.

Energy Efficiency

Energy generation is a major source of carbon emissions. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can use to reduce the amount of energy your business uses. Most businesses use electricity for three main purposes: heating or cooling, lighting and running appliances such as computers or cash registers.

To reduce the amount of energy your business uses on heating, make sure that your thermostat is set to a comfortable but not excessive temperature, somewhere between 18 and 21 degrees C. Good insulation helps to preserve heat; check that your insulation is up to date and that you have double-glazed windows.

Lighting is another major source of energy consumption. To reduce the amount of energy our business uses on lighting, replace your existing lightbulbs with energy-efficient bulbs. Although energy-efficient bulbs cost more than regular bulbs, they last longer and use much less electricity, making them cheaper over the long term. In addition, make sure that employees turn off lights when not in use.

Appliances such as computers and cash registers consume large amounts of electricity, even when not in use. Make sure to turn off computer monitors when they are not in use, and to shut down computers at the end of the working day. Other appliances, such as televisions and stereos, are using electricity even when in 'standby' mode, so turn them off at the wall when they are not in use.

These simple steps can help reduce the level of carbon emissions produced by your business, with the added benefit that they will also save money on electricity bills.

Reducing Waste

In addition to cutting down on energy usage, you can help the environment by reducing the amount of waste your business generates. Check what items can be recycled in your area and make sure to separate recyclables from other types of rubbish. Try to buy recycled products such as office paper or wrapping products. In particular, cut down on your use of non-biodegradable packing materials such as polystyrene foam. Biodegradable and recycled options for these types of materials are available. Avoid buying products which have excess packaging wherever possible.

By following these simple steps, you can reduce the impact your business has on the environment, both in terms of atmospheric pollution and waste generation. By making your business greener, you can benefit the environment and save money on business electricty prices at the same time!

Earn Extra Cash Running Errands For Seniors

We could all use some extra cash. It 'd be nice to bring in a little more money,
or put some away for retirement, a college fund, or that vacation you've been putting off for years. But how are you going to get it? You wouldn't mind taking another job, but you don't want something that's going to add long hours for a small amount of money. You also want something with a flexible schedule. So what could you do? Simple, run errands for seniors.

Many people love running errands for seniors, because you make good money, but you're also helping people in the process. many seniors have a disability that prevents them from leaving home and unable to do errands like getting groceries, picking up dry cleaning, or taking their dogs on a walk. That's where you come in. As an errand runner you perform those everyday tasks. It's the perfect way to put a smile on a senior's face and some money in your pocket.

So how much money are we talking about here? Errand runners typically make between $ 18 and $ 35 an hour. The national average is $ 25 an hour. If you work an eight-hour day, that means you could make $ 200 a day, or $ 1000 a week. And just think, you probably run errands everyday, but this time you're going to get paid to do it.

As the owner of your own errand running business, you're in charge. You decide how much you want to charge and when you want to work. You also decide just how much you want to work. You're the boss. It's up to you. Maybe you have a full-time job already. Maybe you have a family you need to give a lot of attention to. An errand runner can work around these other commitments.

It's a great way to earn some extra income, or even become a full-time errand runner Wouldn't that be nice leaving the 9 to 5 rat race behind? Being your own boss? Running errands is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It doesn't promise millions of dollars. But it can be a great way to make some extra cash or even start a new career.

Running errands for seniors helps them cope with the stress of being homebound while bringing more money to your wallet. To learn more, read How to Start a Profitable Senior Errand Service, the new guide to this rewarding part-time or full-time business.

Learn How Outsourcing Actions Performs Within Latin America

The majority of these companies are creating software businesses in US. On the other hand, a few Asian countries are recognized to be the leading spots doing outsourcing exercises. China, Thailand, and Malaysia are some of the nations. As these activities are proven beneficial to many industries, US business owners discover the benefits in performing outsourcing with the skilled people in Latin America.

To work it out, US firms choose to outsource in closest locations. Given that Latin America is set in the United Sates, this nation is more preferable by companies in the said place. Near sore or near shoring is the term given to companies with agreement to overseas employess from nearest countries. The benefit of working with country within similar state is that both firms can work hand in hand and complete the plan on the agreed time. This creates simpler for the two companies in same working hours. They could have a meeting anytime by way of video-chatting in which they can discuss the concerned things.Because they are just in the same place, they cannot discover trouble or any conflict with regards to their customs and political flows that are also important in business transactions.

There are lots of things you must understand to clear up all your doubts.

Saves your business resources

It is essential to decrease the cost of plans along with using capable and expert employees with valued services in each industry.

Subcontracted businesses can conserve the total source estimated for the plans even if Latin Americans have greater charge per hour.

It is a smart choice to cope with Latin Americans for the US company, simply because they can do few faults with the job. The outcomes are good and task are done quickly. Firms do not need further budget allocation to resolve any mistakes.

Expert Latin Americans can easily accomplish high quality job

Individuals from Latin America are known for their skills being great IT engineers. The study shows that almost a million IT experts working Latin Americans in Brazil along with more than 100 college students and exceeding 100,000 IT developers are in Argentina. They are more useful with regards to software development jobs. Around the US, most software development companies are hiring Latin Americans.

Steady political system

Nations in Latin America have consistent political framework and are established to have good authority. Their economy is rising consistently. A number of autonomous nations are recognized for having protected democratic guidelines just like Argentina, Brazil, and Costa Rica. Work possibilities are relatively accessible to worthy people in spite of political parties. Doing work in these overseas nations have a lesser risk.

A lot of US industries have guaranteed that Subcontracts to Latin Americans are Productive

For many software development firms in US, Latin Americans are efficient in their work. It's anticipated as they arrive from a nation who are identified to generate outstanding IT professionals.

To Latin America, subcontract IT services guarantee that the plans improvement is quick particularly if it's connected to software program services. Quality but economical services is what they guarantee to their customers.