Does Your Business Need A Jib Crane?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 0 comments
The jib crane is one of the simplest forms of crane, though is also one of the most effective. Though, the crane comes in a number of different shapes and forms, it is essentially the same form of crane, just for use in slightly different scenarios. This means the jib is ideal for use in a number of different areas and has a number of excellent uses – making it ideal for any number of businesses.

If you have a company, or business that needs to lift items, move items, or remove/unload items from vehicles then a jib crane may be for you. Jibs are suitable for lifting up to 3000kg in weight and are easily utilised for a wide range of uses.

There is little problem with having a jib crane inside and outside, as all you need is enough of a head height and the ability to ensure the crane is stably placed in the ground and can withhold the loads it is needed for. Professionals in the field will give you the exact requirements necessary and point you in the way of a jib crane suitable for your needs, should you inform them of your requirements.

As jib cranes offer a 270 degree slew from starting to finishing point, they can be used for a wide number of applications. If you own a construction company and often lift items off the back of flat back trucks, or a stock yard and need to remove items from certain forms of transport – then a jib crane is perfect for you and will more than likely fit directly in with your requirements.

Jib cranes are also ideal for outdoor uses and their solid and rust proof paint and construction means they can stand the test of time in terms of resistance to the elements. This factor really makes them perfect for a wide range of applications and they can be used for lifting relatively heavy materials.

Jib cranes can also be fitted with electronic arms and this can really be of significant benefit to certain working areas, as well as this it can take nearly all the work out of using such a crane.

The Jib crane can also be given articulated arms; these allow users to move in an area where there is a fixed item in the way. These simple, but very effective articulated arms allow for free movement and increase the range of the arm. This can have significant advantages in busy areas and really be of advantage to certain types of businesses. This is certainly an area where these jib cranes excel, where others may not be as utilitarian.

Maintenance For Your Electric Hoist

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When you invest in an electric hoist you expect to get a long period of time out of its use and ensure that it lasts for a long time. Fortunately, there is little to worry about with electric hoists and with a little knowhow and with some good intentions followed through, you can ensure they will last for years to come.


When looking after an electric hoist it is essential to get a professional maintenance company to look after it. In many cases this will be the company from which you bought the crane and if not they can usually point you in the right direction. This is because by using a professional company to look after your lifting equipment and electronic hoists in particular you can be assured the best parts are used, the company knows what they are doing and also that you have a certain return should anything go wrong.

Many services are guaranteed, as are the parts placed in electronic hoists if they should cause you an incident, or break within a certain period of being installed. Using a professional company to service your hoist will ensure this is all adhered to and you get the best from your electric hoist.


Your hoist is a great device, though should be kept in warm and dry conditions. Electronic parts don’t wear well in poor weather conditions, no matter how well insulated they are. When you’re finished with your hoist, or your lifting equipment, try to ensure it is brought out of the wet, or poor weather conditions – this will prolong its life and ensure it is kept in top form for use in the future and also have a long life.


Using your electric hoist to lift more than is recommended by the professional you buy it from or the company is going to cause strain to the device and so shorten its life span. Ensuring you keep within weight limits and don’t stretch the device will mean that you can be assured it will last longer than it would if you lift too much weight with it.


With these electric hoists, lubrication can play a large part in ensuring they are maintained. Ensuring the gear train and all moving areas are lubricated will prevent them from rubbing against each other and all the problems that come with such a lack of lubrication.

Be Aware

If there seem to be any strange noises, wear, or any form of resistance from the hoist then you should be aware of this and get it checked out immediately. Any such problems can cause problems to the hoist and may also be a safety hazard for those using the hoist and those around the hoist. Be aware of this and get the necessary professionals to look into the problem and so prevent any further issues.

Using A Mobile Gantry For Stable Lifting

Sunday, December 11, 2011 0 comments
Mobile gantry provides an excellent solution for easy mobile lifting that is secure and stable. The mixture of strength, security and lifting ability means that a mobile gantry can offer you a variety of alternatives to other lifting equipment.

People in a variety of industries find a mobile gantry systems to be a great addition to their business. Its versatility is certainly a major factor in this. The variety of additional extras that can be added to a mobile gantry ensure it is fantastic for most conditions, add to this the ease of movement and you have a perfect solution for lifting.

Mobile gantry comes with four legs and so are excellent pieces of lifting equipment. It is also possible to add parking jacks and change the length of each individual leg by up to 450mm, so the gantry is stable on uneven ground this is one thing that makes the mobile gantry an enviable piece of lifting equipment.

The mobile gantry also has a very good lifting weight and so is a far more realistic proposition for lifting than alternatively sized cranes. It also comes with declarations of conformity and a CE mark - ensuring it is tested to the very highest standard.

Mobile gantries offer excellent lifting abilities, though are also quick and easy to assemble. This makes them perfect for taking from place to place, or from job to job. It also means they can be easily taken up, or put down and so are far more easily transportable than most other forms of lifting equipment.

The fact mobile gantries come with wheels attached is also significantly to their benefit. These wheels allow the gantries to be pushed from certain areas to others quite easily and once again ensures they are the most versatile of all the lifting equipment on offer. They of course also come with brakes as standard to prevent them from moving when they shouldn't.

Mobile gantries can also take a number of high powered additional pieces and you can choose the option of a manual chain block, electric hoist, or a number of other items if you require. These lifting aids can make the whole process of lifting and moving your equipment about a whole lot easier and make a mobile gantry the most practical lifting option for many.

As it is also easy to add other options such as isolator switches to quickly stop the electronic hoist, or festoon wheels to aid movement the lifting gantry is easily seen by many as an ideal solution to many problems.

Junction boxes and leather suspenders for suspending and carrying mains cable are also fantastic additions to those that need them and so the mobile gantry is a very versatile and flexible piece of equipment, which many will find a joy to use.