Reducing Clutter Will Help Decrease The Waste In Your Business

Monday, February 13, 2012
When is the last time you were trying to find something on your desk? Did you find it quickly, or did you have to dig through stacks of papers and sift through countless pieces of miscellaneous debris? What about the last time you were looking for a tool in your tool box, did you encounter the same problems or was everything laid out before you neat and easy to find?

Now imagine trying to do some actual work with that toolbox, and not being able to find what you need. Everybody knows how it feels to be looking for something that they need, whether it's a tool or some paperwork and not being able to find it. It is a matter of being organized. What if the business that you worked for was as unorganized as your toolbox hidden away in your garage?

How much money would be wasted and how much time would be wasted while everybody walked around searching for the right tool to get the job done or that important piece of paperwork that found it necessary to be faxed? How would that look to an outsider? How would it look to investors? How would you feel about it when they couldn't find a stamp or envelope to mail out your paycheck? Of course that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but it can't be too far off.

A business cannot afford to be that disorganized and especially in these tough economic times, nobody can. There isn't as much room for error anymore and there certainly isn't any room for wasting money these days. Individuals are not able to afford to be wasteful with their personal earnings and neither can a company be careless with their earnings, otherwise they will have to pay the price with their stockholders and investors.

What individuals have been doing the last few years in their personal lives is becoming more efficient. They are buying products that allow them to use less energy and waste less fuel, maybe at home and maybe with their vehicles. The bottom line is that men and women are learning to do the same amount of work and get the same things accomplished for their families with less than they used to, and it's time for companies to do the same. They need to become more efficient and learn to get things done with less. That doesn't mean less than they need, but with less waste.


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