Using A Mobile Gantry For Stable Lifting

Sunday, December 11, 2011
Mobile gantry provides an excellent solution for easy mobile lifting that is secure and stable. The mixture of strength, security and lifting ability means that a mobile gantry can offer you a variety of alternatives to other lifting equipment.

People in a variety of industries find a mobile gantry systems to be a great addition to their business. Its versatility is certainly a major factor in this. The variety of additional extras that can be added to a mobile gantry ensure it is fantastic for most conditions, add to this the ease of movement and you have a perfect solution for lifting.

Mobile gantry comes with four legs and so are excellent pieces of lifting equipment. It is also possible to add parking jacks and change the length of each individual leg by up to 450mm, so the gantry is stable on uneven ground this is one thing that makes the mobile gantry an enviable piece of lifting equipment.

The mobile gantry also has a very good lifting weight and so is a far more realistic proposition for lifting than alternatively sized cranes. It also comes with declarations of conformity and a CE mark - ensuring it is tested to the very highest standard.

Mobile gantries offer excellent lifting abilities, though are also quick and easy to assemble. This makes them perfect for taking from place to place, or from job to job. It also means they can be easily taken up, or put down and so are far more easily transportable than most other forms of lifting equipment.

The fact mobile gantries come with wheels attached is also significantly to their benefit. These wheels allow the gantries to be pushed from certain areas to others quite easily and once again ensures they are the most versatile of all the lifting equipment on offer. They of course also come with brakes as standard to prevent them from moving when they shouldn't.

Mobile gantries can also take a number of high powered additional pieces and you can choose the option of a manual chain block, electric hoist, or a number of other items if you require. These lifting aids can make the whole process of lifting and moving your equipment about a whole lot easier and make a mobile gantry the most practical lifting option for many.

As it is also easy to add other options such as isolator switches to quickly stop the electronic hoist, or festoon wheels to aid movement the lifting gantry is easily seen by many as an ideal solution to many problems.

Junction boxes and leather suspenders for suspending and carrying mains cable are also fantastic additions to those that need them and so the mobile gantry is a very versatile and flexible piece of equipment, which many will find a joy to use.


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