Maintenance For Your Electric Hoist

Monday, December 19, 2011
When you invest in an electric hoist you expect to get a long period of time out of its use and ensure that it lasts for a long time. Fortunately, there is little to worry about with electric hoists and with a little knowhow and with some good intentions followed through, you can ensure they will last for years to come.


When looking after an electric hoist it is essential to get a professional maintenance company to look after it. In many cases this will be the company from which you bought the crane and if not they can usually point you in the right direction. This is because by using a professional company to look after your lifting equipment and electronic hoists in particular you can be assured the best parts are used, the company knows what they are doing and also that you have a certain return should anything go wrong.

Many services are guaranteed, as are the parts placed in electronic hoists if they should cause you an incident, or break within a certain period of being installed. Using a professional company to service your hoist will ensure this is all adhered to and you get the best from your electric hoist.


Your hoist is a great device, though should be kept in warm and dry conditions. Electronic parts don’t wear well in poor weather conditions, no matter how well insulated they are. When you’re finished with your hoist, or your lifting equipment, try to ensure it is brought out of the wet, or poor weather conditions – this will prolong its life and ensure it is kept in top form for use in the future and also have a long life.


Using your electric hoist to lift more than is recommended by the professional you buy it from or the company is going to cause strain to the device and so shorten its life span. Ensuring you keep within weight limits and don’t stretch the device will mean that you can be assured it will last longer than it would if you lift too much weight with it.


With these electric hoists, lubrication can play a large part in ensuring they are maintained. Ensuring the gear train and all moving areas are lubricated will prevent them from rubbing against each other and all the problems that come with such a lack of lubrication.

Be Aware

If there seem to be any strange noises, wear, or any form of resistance from the hoist then you should be aware of this and get it checked out immediately. Any such problems can cause problems to the hoist and may also be a safety hazard for those using the hoist and those around the hoist. Be aware of this and get the necessary professionals to look into the problem and so prevent any further issues.


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