Rabbit Production

Saturday, November 26, 2011
As with any farming issue, whether it is tomatoes or cattle, production is an issue and rabbit production is no different. The breeder has many issues to consider such as what type of rabbits they wish to produce and why. A soft hearted breeder may not want to raise New Zealand Whites for meat, or rabbits for clinical trials, but might be interested in raising the beautiful Angoras for their wool and general beauty.

Even if the breeder is too soft hearted to raise rabbits for meat, or does not feel it is morally correct to raise rabbits or any animals for clinical trials or experimentation, there are heartbreaking issues to deal with anyway.

The doe (female) should always be placed in the pen with the buck (male) because female rabbits can be so territorial they can harm or kill the buck. If the breeder does not monitor the breeding and fails to recognize a problem between the pair, the doe or the buck or both can be injured or killed. If the proper measures are not made for nesting boxes and secure surroundings a new mother might become startled and cannibalize her young and be rendered useless in the breeding circuit. Not all young are born alive or well formed. There can be defective, deformed, or otherwise substandard young that has to be dealt with by either being fostered with another mother if possible, or humanely euthanized if they cannot be saved. So there are moral issues to be considered regardless of how the rabbits will be used afterwards.

If the conditions for breeding, housing, and other areas of production are not properly monitored and kept in a sanitary way, disease can breakout destroying the brood if not properly contained. It is imperative to have a veterinarian in the area that is familiar with rabbits, rabbit ailments, and diseases that will be willing to work with the breeder to contain any outbreak that could damage or destroy the brood.

There are pleasures and satisfaction that can be gained by raising rabbits for a hobby or for a side business, but the downfalls should be considered before going blindly into a business that could break the heart of the breeder, or leave them liable if proper records are not kept, or if there is liability due to disease or other complications with the brood. Research, research, research and if you are happy with what you find, rabbit production may be right for you.


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